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Tonight we had the exhibition of our group projects on SL.  It was really lovely, with a DJ, a beautiful gallery and guests from Able Island.  Lots of our classmates changed outfits to fit the red-carpet. Our group project was planned on Friday of last week, where we each chose what we wanted representing our … Continue reading Gallery


Group Painting: For our group project on SL, we were given a collaborative painting brief.  We were to depict Utopia, Dystopia and Heterotopia.  Friday we were told to plan out what we wanted to create.  Our group decided on splitting up the three areas and each choosing a landscape from FL, one from SL and … Continue reading Collaboration

Gallery show

Virtual Opening This week we had a viewing and critique of our Foucault inspired paintings.  My fellow classmates work is simply amazing.  It is always a unique experience to see one another’s pieces, since it is like a viewing into each other’s mind.  What captures their attention, their colour choices… composition…why that particular choice… it seems to … Continue reading Gallery show

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